Welcome to SendReach – the Autoresponder that makes the future available now! For a quick peek at just what that means please visit SendReach V3 – The Future Now

This web site contains illustrated guidance to the massively increased functionality of SendReach Version 3.

For all our visitors whose native language is not English we have now added six other languages for this web site – just click the appropriate Flag in the Language Selection box to the right.

The SendReach Operational Web Site at is now also available in French and Spanish as well as English (the default). The Language can be set by selecting “My Account” from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the Dashboard, then “Language” bottom right.

Migrating an account from SR. V2. to V3. is covered comprehensively in SR. V2. > V3. Migration, then all the various functions are also individually dealt with in the seperate Menu Sections.