Setup Help & Printable PDF

Welcome to SendReach (SR)the Autoresponder for the future. We have created this web site as a source of illustrated guidance to initially setting up your SR Account to the best advantage, and then covers all functions. Please let us know via a support ticket if you have any suggestions on amendments or additions that you feel would be helpful.

By joining us, you have come with us across new frontiers. That often involves learning the native language, and to some extent that applies here.

New technology inevitably involves new terminology. The first new term you need to grasp is that here Links, Buttons, Plugins and Web Forms (Optin Form)  (all means of a person subscribing to your Lists) some of which will be knew to you, are called Entry Points, all different ways a subscriber can “Subscribe” to your Lists.

Outgoing emails are either Broadcasts (BR’s) or Autoresponses (AR’s). However collectively, when referring to both, we do refer to them as emails. Autoresponses are also set up in our unique way, please see the Menu section ARS for full guidance.

When someone subscribes to one of your Lists, we gather far more information about them than any other Application. Information such as, City, State, Country, Age, Gender. That is known as “demographic” data, and is gathered by scanning social and other online networks for User’s public profile data. That gives us the unique facility of sending out either BR’s or AR’s based on that data, such as sending a BR to only those in a List living in San Diego, female, under 30 years of age!

Even when people have subscribed to your List via a Web Form that only requested email address and name, our systems will scan Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, MSN and Twitter for demographic data concerning them. So if they use any of those networks, data will be added to their subscriber record.

SR is able to cater for you adding up to 10 custom fields to a Web Form. You choose the “Label” (the description of the purpose of the field in your web page) and the “Name” (the name identifying the field in the subscriber database) for each field you add.

We refer to the code one can insert in an email to pull data from the database, such as [first_name] as “Shortcut Codes”, some will be used to the term token. The data in those extra fields can be utilized using shortcut codes to insert personalized text into emails, such as “Hi [first_name], can I please confirm you address [address1], [address2], [city], [state], [zip], [country].” That information would all be pulled from the database to your email.

There is much more detailed guidance in each section of the site, and some other specific SR terminology. May I suggest you take the time to have a look around, and certainly have this Setup Help site open in one tab in your browser, for reference when you start setting up your SR account in another tab on your browser.

NOTE: All the pages on this Setup / Help web site are also in the Knowledgebase accessible from the SendReach Dashboard via the red “Support” Button, or by logging directly into The layout is black on white.

From the Knowledgebase all can be printed as PDF pages using the “Print this Article” link at the foot of each Article, as shown below.