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Welcome to the SendReach Autoresponder – making the future available today!

This web site contains illustrated guidance to the amazing functionality of SendReach Version 3.7.8.¬† SendReach’s Social Optin Buttons, and Opting in directly from a Facebook Post all gather amazing Social Demographic Data.

Segmenting of Lists and Automation, drilling down as many levels as you need to precisely target Subscribers in one, State, City, District, and of which Gender and Age and what sport do the play – so one can mail to Women under 50 in Dallas, Texas, Zip 75223 or all Men over 50 living in SW1, London, England who play golf.

These functions provide the means to truly engage with your Subscribers by only sending information that is relative to THEM as against other Subscribers in your Lists. In that way the level of engagement with your Lists will be far greater and will be maintained for a much longer period of time.

For all our visitors whose native language is not English we have now added six other languages for this web site – just click the appropriate Flag in the Language Selection box to the right.

The SendReach Operational Web Site at is now also available in French, Spanish and Portugese as well as English (the default). The Language can be set by selecting “My Account” from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the Dashboard, then “Language” bottom right.

There are weekly live webinars for SendReach Users offering training and guidance in all aspects of Email Marketing. Attended  by Users from all over the world, relevant webinars are usually recorded and made available for those who could not make the live event, and as a permanent source of reference for all Users.

With sophisticated List cleaning techniques and meticulous email processing the SendReach Autoresponder will get your emails to the Subscriber’s Inbox, with Delivery rates averaging over 99.5% and many Users achieving over 50% Open rates on a regular basis.